A Declaration of War Against the Gambling Cartels


I have written several articles about the predatory gambling cartels in Australia. Seriously, they are somewhere between the American NRA and Columbian criminal gangs in ethos and practice. You can read the pieces I’ve written here and here.

It is especially bad in the Australian state of Victoria where the Victorian Government led by Daniel Andrews, supposedly the most “progressive” government in the country, is fully and utterly captured by the gambling cartels. In fact, I’d allege that the Andrews Government is running a protection racket for the gambling cartels in exchange for the vast sums of money that the cartels pour into the Victorian Labour Party.

Gambling reform in Australia is painfully slow and it is because of my painful childhood that I am done with nice-guy tactics and playing by the rules. We need to be sly, subversive, and resort to “intentional measures” to fight the gambling cartels and their patrons in the Victorian government.

I’ve been reading and writing a lot on political theology, especially on the topic of civil disobedience, when and how to resist governments that trade in cruelty, corruption, and tyranny. I’m here to say that it’s time to go war with the Aussie gambling cartels and their political protectors.

This video is a bit on the radical side, feel free to disagree, but the time has come to stop the gambling cartels from manufacturing gambling addiction as their primary business model.

Feel free to share with friends, family, and anyone who is concerned about the perfidious power of the gambling cartels. Or else, check out the Alliance for Gambling Reform.


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