This Week in Word from the Bird

Posts for 25-31 October

Monday: Why the Culture Gap in the Bible Matters! (Subscribers)
The Bible is a strange and foreign land, but how do you bridge the historical and cultural gap without making mistakes, or dropping empty platittudes?

Tuesday: Jesus Mythcisim Weighed, Measured, and Found Wanting! (Free sign-ups).
A video I made refuting the claim made by some marginal sceptics that Jesus did not exist.

Wednesday: Who is the Son of Man? (Free sign-ups).
Jesus was given many titles, like “teacher,” “rabbi,” and sometimes even called “Messiah.” However, Jesus’ preferred form of self-reference was “Son of Man” which occurs 69 times in the Synoptic Gospels and 13 times in the Gospel of John. But what does it mean? Who is the Son of Man?

Friday: A New Look at Paul, Masculinity, and Power (Free sign-ups)
A quick glance at Brian J. Robinson's book Being Subordinate Men: Paul's Rhetoric of Gender and Power in 1 Corinthians. Some good stuff in here!