This Week in Word from the Bird

Posts for 20 - 25 Sept

Monday: Psalm 23 and the Cross  (Paid Subscribers)
Psalm 23 has to be one of the most famous pieces of Scripture. It is a Psalm that provides us with the assurance that the Lord is our Shepherd, that he loves us, that he cares for us, and that he promises to watch over us. But what if Jesus is not the Shepherd in the Psalm, what if he’s the one himself praying the Psalm?

Wednesday: The Victorious Christian Life When I Don’t Feel It (Free sign-ups)
A central tenet of New Testament proclamation is that Jesus Christ has won a victory for his people, where sin, death, and the devil have been defeated. But it doesn’t always feel like that! Where’s the victory when I feel defeated, broken, and despairing?

Friday: Why the Gnostics Lost! (Paid Subscribers)
There is no term more misunderstood and more misused than “Gnostic.” For some people, Gnostic means means “heresy” or anything that denigrates the body or focuses on the cerebral side of things. Gnostics, Gnostics everywhere! But what is a Gnostic and why did the Gnostics fade away?

Saturday: Review of David Bauer - The Book of Acts as Story (Free sign-ups)
A review of a new book on Acts treating it as a complex story.