This Week in Word from the Bird

Posts for 18-22 October

Monday: Paul on Disputable Matters (Subscribers)
If you read 1 Corinthians 8 and Romans 14.1–15.7 you will notice that Paul often has to negotiate between different consciences and convictions. Often this applies to topics like food offered to idols, vegetarianism, wine, or observing holy days. But what about today? How can Paul help us navigate different opinions on disputable matters that we encounter?

Wednesday: What did the cross achieve? (Free sign-ups).
The question  "What Did the Cross Achieve?" can elicit a range of answers depending on whether one is interested in models of atonement, personal and social transformation, theodicy, or social justice. Well, I have a few thoughts on this topic.

Friday: Why does the Priesthood of Christ matter? (Free sign-ups)
What does the high priesthood of Christ do for me? Well, I have a moving quote from Alan Torrance to share with you!