This Week in Word from the Bird

Posts for 26 Sept - 2 Oct

Monday: Paul vs. Rome  (Paid Subscribers)
Is Paul’s letter to the Romans pastoral or political? Why I prefer the former, but there are some good reasons to think there is something to the latter!

Wednesday: How Much is Too Much Social Media (Free sign-ups)
Digital media and platforms are taking up more and more of our lives. Is that good, bad, unavoidable? I explain why we need discernment in how we use it.

Friday: Who the heck was Ilse Fredrichsdorff?(Free sign-ups)
I explain why Ilse Fredrichsdorff is someone you should know about and whose story is worth telling.

Saturday: Classic Read, S. Price on Rituals and Power (Free sign-ups)
I talk about a book I wish everyone knew about, Stephen Price on the Roman imperial cult and ancient religion.