This video has convinced me that Katelyn's book is a "must-read." I will be buying it. Some reflections: 1) There is definitely a "god mentality" by followers of certain Christian leaders. I push back slightly by saying that Billy Graham, John Stott, R. C. Sproul and Mother Teresa were "worshipped" by some but in themselves portrayed a life of humility. And although some leaders have fallen, we still can appreciate their contributions to apologetics, theology, etc. 2) Far too many evangelical leaders in high places are power hungry. 3) Far too many Christians substitute their celebrity for active physical involvement in the local church. 4) There are many who will never be famous but have lived faithful lives as leaders of Christ's church. 5) I LOVE the fact that you are introducing us to godly women like Katelyn who are pastors, theologians, writers, etc. I would love to hear more about these women in contemporary society and in the history of the Christian church. 6) Finally, I sometimes feel that only fallen males, though rightly, are pointed out. Sadly, men have suppressed and abused women in unconscionable ways. Thank you so much for this video!!

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