"I think it is reasonable, even probable, that Nympha was both the patron of the Laodicean church (like Phoebe, Philemon/Apphia) but also the pastor of the church (like Archippus)."

I think that's an awful lot to draw out of a single mention.

I also think that it's simply unnecessary to try to fit figures such as Phoebe, Chloe, Nympha, Philemon, Apphia, etc., into our current meanings of "patron," "pastor," "deacon," or whatever. It's letting the tail of modern church institutionalism wag the dog of apostolic Christianity. So to speak.

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Not sure if you would classify it as too much with too little, but here goes: Was Nympha stepping up and being a good example due to the lukewarm men in her postal code? Interesting to think about. Perhaps her name will trend in the thesis charts. Great post!

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