I have not read your book, but because of highlighting it here I will get the new edition. Thanks for writing this.

The reality is that the term "evangelical" or being recognized as an "evangelical" is very difficult today. I remain Protestant and did my Th.D. and STM on Luther's theology - so that is a touchstone for me. That being said, I find it difficult to adhere to something like the "5 Distinguishing Marks of Evangelicalism" as elaborated on within the Gospel Coalition's web site. I don't need to go into detail here, but I think the rich traditions across the social and global spectrum has called into question some of those "distinguishing" marks. Perhaps you could even say that evangelicalism is morphing - is that even possible? Perhaps it is no longer evangelicalism, but something new.

I'm wrestling with this right now :)

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I have read this marvelous book! It is in my mind, your crowning achievement! It is my go-to book in matters of theology! Concise, yet deep, thought provoking yet humor sprinkled throughout, builds on the thoughts of the theological giants of the past, yet introduces fresh and even new ways of looking at this gospel-centric theology. Well done, my friend!!

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